Adam Dobson

Adam Dobson

Sydney, New South Wales
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Entrepreneur building the next Billion Dollar business.

Word of mouth referrals is the best business for any company, yet 98% of companies don't have a proactive strategy for acquiring word of mouth referrals.

Billions of dollars every year are wasted on "Broadcast Marketing" where a business uses a shot gun approach with advertising campaigns pushing out a message to hundreds or thousands of people trying to sell their product or service, when the user doesn't have the need. 90% of the advertising falls on deaf ears and only 10% buy and 2.6 million trees get killed every year in the process.

We think this way is antiquated. Our technology digitizes word of mouth referrals allowing customers to come to you, "when they actually need your service" , and they come through a trusted friend. We feel this the future of Marketing, Influence based Marketing as opposed to Shotgun Marketing.


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