Aneetrai Rowland

Aneetrai Rowland

East Haven, Connecticut
United States
Joined: 2 years ago


Hello my name is Aneetrai Rowland creator of Emergent Access Services, 24hr Access to Emergency services. Register your identity and possible symptoms before your visit, Access E.M.T transportation or other transportation providers, Nurses and Suicide prevention Hotlines are available as well. Upon arrival all is needed is identification and to be seen by Triage Nurse, that is when both patient and Emergency Department Staff will be informed of waiting status and time before being seen by physician. I am very excited to bring it to its full Working Capacity So all Hospitals have Emergent Access installed, and it takes away the Anxiety of the Emergency room visits and services by offering timeframes and ease of Access. I have been on both sides of the Hospital and I can Relate to staff and patients so I want to create an Environment that keeps both parties informed and less stressful. I just need one person to believe in my mission.


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