Astrid Kowlessar Vezta & Co.

Astrid Kowlessar

Director | Vezta & Co.
Miami, Florida
United States
Joined: 2 years ago


I am a prominent international adviser with 17+ years of business consulting experience, who merges IT, financial and management skills with experience of business strategy and governance, to enable revenue growth.

I joined the Risk Analytics Unit at Citgroup Trinidad & Tobago as Risk Manager for the Energy Sector. I served as Managing Partner with Sente Capital Management LLC out of San Mateo California. I held co-Project Lead for the Accessibility Capital Improvement process for Miami-Dade County under Reynolds Smith & Hills.

Bio: https://about.me/astridfkowlessar

• Business Strategy: Business strategist, innovator, and tactical leader of enterprise-wide initiatives that build brand value and result in sustainable growth.

• Business Review: Versatile in both business structure and financial review and recommendation.

• Project Leadership: Expert in taking action and leading within a pragmatic, collaborative dimension for effective project development, processes and procedures.


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