Brian Cavataio BWC Executive Group, LLC

Brian Cavataio

President | BWC Executive Group, LLC
Olathe, Kansas
United States
Joined: 1 year ago


We are a direct hire search agency specializing in Executive Searches, Procurement/Purchasing, and Technical Fields (Engineers, Lean Manufacturing, and Quality). We have helped many companies with hard to fill voids with quality candidates that have a stable or upward track record. The candidates we have placed with our clients over the last 8 years (436 candidates) only 2 of them have left where we have helped placed the candidate.

The reason for this success, we get it and we understand the frustration of what a bad hire can cost a company or needing an immediate impact person. Our process is very unique and not like any other agency which is why we have a successful and proven track record. We work directly with the hiring managers to ensure we are finding the people who match the culture of the company, the type of projects they will be engaged with, and the type who will have a humble approach on climbing the corporate ladder.

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