Carl LaFlamme Dindin Party

Carl LaFlamme

Founder & CEO | Dindin Party
Dallas, Texas
United States
Joined: 1 year ago


I'm a long-time entrepreneur who founded several companies. My personal strengths are enthusiasm, vision, creativity, empathy, can-do spirit.

I'm an excellent brainstormer and strategist. A first-rate writer. A decent conversationalist. And a lousy golfer.

As a copywriter, I won numerous awards, including One Show, Clio, and a National Addy.

In sales, my wife and I built a million dollar direct sales business and won numerous sales contests.

The arrival of the Internet captured my imagination and sent me down new paths.

I co-owned, developed and sold Classiccar.com -- a leading community website for classic car enthusiasts.

Founded Spider Marketing which built websites for distributors in direct sales.

Now I’ve launched DinDinParty, a new social dining platform bringing hosts who love to cook and entertain, (and get paid for it) with guests who love to eat and socialize. It’s the “Airbnb” of dinner parties! I'm so excited to help usher in this new way of dining!


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