Catharina Connellan Tiger Techies

Catharina Connellan

Founder & CEO | Tiger Techies
Gonubie, Eastern Cape
South Africa
Joined: 2 years ago


Build a Globally diverse Entrepreneurial Business network offering verified, structured, online, remote job opportunities and training to unemployed, disabled and homeworkers.
People first
then Business
then Profit

Current Entrepreneurial Businesses in 1st year of growth:

TIGER TECHIES: www.tigertechies.co.za (Franchise)
Websites, Applications Development, Quick Shops and
Online Presence Management
Digital Marketing.

MILAGRO CBD South Africa: (Franchise)
100% Pure Distilled Winterised Organic Hemp Oil and Health Products
CBD Oils
Topical Cream
Tattoo Range
Lip Balm
Essential Oils
Weight Loss Products

3. doTERRA (100% Pure Organic Essential Oils):
(in process)

Actively considering ECommerce Distributorship Opportunities and Innovative Entrepreneurial Ventures


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