Charles Capozzi Expatriate Solutions and F-Stop Photography

Charles Capozzi

Founder & CEO | Expatriate Solutions and F-Stop Photography
Hackensack, New Jersey
United States
Joined: 2 years ago


Expatriate Solutions and F-Stop Photography combines international HR consulting services and photography. For example, fashion models relocating to Milan, Italy need information on visas, housing and model agency organizations.
The photography part of my organization provides model agencies in Milan with the model's latest head shots and photos of the US designer fashions they have recently worn at various showings, perhaps in New York City.

Additionally, models from Milan or other cities in Italy who plan on relocating to the US need similar information. Our organization also provides the latest trends in fashion designs world-wide. As the CEO, I have a degree from Rutgers University in International Relations along with an extensive background in fashion photography. In my experience no other company provides this unique niche for people who wish to work in the international arena.


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