Cherylann Booisen Runanga Recruitment Group

Cherylann Booisen

Founder & CEO | Runanga Recruitment Group
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
South Africa
Joined: 1 year ago


Runanga Recruitment Group dynamic recruitment, Skills development & cleaning and sub-contracting company. We aim to become an extension of our client’s business as opposed to being external consultants. We have researched our business, adapt it with our experience to suit any company or individual needs. Runanga is not just any company it's where people and business come together.

Our Company Values are: responsibility, honesty
We are: flexible (readily available and results-driven)


Open-minded to innovation and the willingness to perceive changes to service excellence. Runanga means council in the Māori tongue origin from New Zeeland and our mission is to make sure our clients whether it’s recruitment, skills development or cleaning connect with our services and their business.

Runanga Recruitment Group services are not sector-specific but we do engage in projects within the Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Automotive, Financial, Digital, and FMCG institutions.


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