Dejan Jankovic

Dejan Jankovic

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Managing partner in maritime agenting company located in Bar, providing services for all those located or traveling in Montenegro.
If you are visiting or passing Montenegro with your own or rented vessel, we are a team of hard-working persons who will prepare all papers required for your safety check-in or check out. We are at your disposal for providing tax-free fuel, all kinds of supplies, crew demands, and all requests that you might need. Very well connected with agents and people from all over the globe we can suggest or guide you during your stay or upon your checkout. Possibility of transfer, excursion, or hotel stays anywhere in Montenegro while your vessel is at safe hands berthed in Montenegro.
Experienced Co-Owner of growing marketing business with a demonstrated history of working in the leisure, travel & tourism industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Political Science, Comparative Politics, and Customer Satisfaction. Graduated in Political Sciences from Montenegrin University.


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