Devan Nambiar Global Health Integrative Science

Devan Nambiar

Founder & CEO | Global Health Integrative Science
Toronto, Ontario
Joined: 1 year ago


Global Health Integrative Science (GHIS) provides training and education on various modules and topics from Integrative Medicine to sexual health, population health, LGBT2SQ health, anti-oppression and policy development and review. The team at GHIS brings an inter-disciplinary, clinical training and cultural competency specific training via a multicultural lens incorporating diversity on a global platform. The professional team speaks various languages with extensive lived experiences from a global perspective of minority health including LGBT2SQ knowledge. The diverse team at GHIS has various professional affiliations, range of diversity and ethnicity, skills and knowledge in competencies for a worldwide audience and to work with various organizations, non-profit and for profit organizations and corporations.


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