Deven Winters Revenant Game Studio

Deven Winters

Founder & CEO | Revenant Game Studio
Montreal, Quebec
Joined: 1 year ago


I'm a video industry veteran with 21 years of development experience. I have dabbled in and around this industry under various capacities and which is why I love this industry. I think what I do best is take the road less traveled, I've always tried to stay informed and knowledgeable about every aspect of video game development. I have always been a creative person and it took me decades to find the path I love and cherish. I bring imagination and passion to the game.

What energizes me is to make a studio where people feel at HOME, not a job. A place where knowledge is shared and not held for a price. I have worked in other studios and no more, no more the mire of environment for now is the time to change what defines a video game studio.


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