Eliane Yebkal Eliane Champagne

Eliane Yebkal

Founder & CEO | Eliane Champagne
Aylesbury, England
United Kingdom
Joined: 2 years ago


I am the CEO and Owner at Eliane Champagne. I am the only employee and cover all tasks including trade-in finance, accountancy and finance, marketing, research and development, recycling and more. I have experience in hospitality, catering, tourism, sales and housing. I have some strong knowledge to be a chairman, a director, or a non-executive director. I have reduced considerably my cost in my P/L account. I am very good at direct marketing and sale, hospitality and catering management, and tourism. I have a commitment at work. I am a reliable person that often achieves tasks.

I have LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you need a luxury approach for marketing by using a personalized bottle of champagne please get in touch. You can have your logo, business address, photo and more on a label of champagne.


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