Esteban Tejedor Hola People (Atlas & Cosmos Ltd.)

Esteban Tejedor

Managing Director | Hola People (Atlas & Cosmos Ltd.)
Liverpool, England
United Kingdom
Joined: 1 year ago


I am passionate about my work and my life, in the same way I seek to learn and improve daily.
I do my work with dedication, creativity and positive perfectionism.

Happiness comes from inspiring others and delivering an excellent service, which is the way you can eventually obtain the best reward.

I am a certified Master Coach and NLP Practitioner, eager to discover, explore and understand ways to see life, which is why I have travelled to nearly 30 countries around the world, having lived in Southeast Asia for over three years, and now in the UK, apart from Spain, where I am from.
Fervent lover of music and dances such as salsa, which allows me to express myself with openness and creativity.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit running through my veins, which translates into an enterprise that aims to develop others' consciousness, self-esteem, motivation, and their social and professional skills.


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