Gary Larkin

Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Joined: 2 years ago


A 35-year veteran of international business development with extensive expertise in the global banking, finance, remittance and payment industries.
As the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive officer of EPOINT Payment Corp, I was responsible for creating the vision and building the extensive alliances that have under-pinned the establishment of this mobile first payment group which lead EPOINT. Prior to founding EPOINT, I was responsible for the development, implementation and ongoing support of several major payment industry global initiatives including Visa Cash, a global initiative and Visa’s first prepaid debit card program, Multi-Currency ATM management solutions for Citibank and Dynamic Currency Conversion developed and operated for the Travelex Group. As President of Debit Plus, I lead the development and implementation of the first ever US Market Micro-Credit program offered by MetaBank under the iAdvance brand.


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