Giuseppe Milazzo

Giuseppe Milazzo

Hoddesdon, England
United Kingdom
Joined: 2 years ago


I’m a talented & creative Google accredited Marketing Manager with a keen interest in design and launching effective Marketing campaigns across a broad range of platforms, whilst maintaining a high level of ROI.

In my Marketing career, I have been lucky enough to work with global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Xerox, Bowers Group, Amazon, Rolls Royce & Mclaren. For over 5 years, I’ve been helping businesses in a range of industries with their branding requirements and boosting their Marketing strategies to bring inbound leads & worldwide coverage.

Colleagues know me as a highly creative marketer who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach. I can (and sometimes do) work well alone, but I’m at my best collaborating with the successful Marketing team that I manage.

I’m always interested in hearing from former colleagues, managers, or just interesting creative people, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect and have a chat.


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