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The entrepreneurs of this business plan are us, Mr. Jabini Ose and Chitanie Ashwin.
Together we have more than 20 years of experience in the health and care sector focused on elderly care. we want to set up a care and residential center for senior citizens in Suriname.

Unique Selling Point
Research shows that many institutions do not offer services to this target group that improves the quality of life. People often focus more on care and nursing.
In addition to care and nursing, we want to work on the daily spending of seniors. They must have the feeling that life does not end with old age, but that they are allowed to participate further and more socially

What differentiates our product from the other homes is that we have a full daytime spending for our residents so that they do not feel lonely but rather enjoy life. The environment in which they will stay will be set up according to an "eco-resort concept".


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