Jabulani Sydney Mtsweni is a 37 years old father of 2, a husband and a brother. I have been in skills development and training for more than 12 years and ended up heading a group of international companies. With lots of knowledge gained and experienced, Nodindwa Group was established to fill the gap in the market where most business is done technologically than traditionally.

Nodindwa Group operates in South Africa and other parts of Africa also Australia.
We pride ourselves and we are always happy when we hear clients' excitement from our services.

Nodindwa Group specializes in a variety of services. Those including
1. Occupational Health and Safety
2. Skills development and training.
3. Business Development
4. Business consultation
5. Import and Export (only designated countries)
6. Project Management on a medium scale

Nodindwa Group does not promise what does not deliver or what cannot handle. We love what we do as we are mostly investing in youth employment who are vibrant.


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