Jim Jaworski

Jim Jaworski

Wausau, Wisconsin
United States
Joined: 1 year ago


Good Day! I own and manage a full service real estate brokerage in Central Wisconsin. I specialize in real estate investment, from simple single property cash flow investments to large scale real estate development, land subdivision, and construction. We list residential and commercial properties throughout Wisconsin, including the Milwaukee area.

I hold a BBA in Finance and a Masters in Business Administration, and most important over 30 years of real estate investment experience.

Our agency, unlike some of the larger national brokerage institutions, has the ability to treat every transaction as a unique event. We do not have a set commission structure, no hard rules to follow, each agent is a able to negotiate terms of our services as they feel best serves the customer.

Our principals are simple. SERVICE, FLEXIBILITY AND COMMON SENSE. Different client needs requires the ability to operate outside of status quo. Let us assist you in your next real estate related venture!


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