Kevin Carpenter

Kevin Carpenter

Brisbane, Queensland
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Bi-Tron Australia owned by Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd has released new "Nano" technology called XSNano, it is the latest development in lubrication on the world market today and by far the best product we have ever seen. XSNANO fuel additive is a high-tech product that has combined such technologies as liquid phase nanotechnology and radiation chemical engineering, and is currently the world’s most advanced fuel additive and also the most efficient clean fuel additive. With a solid foundation in international scientific research and talents, the company has been constantly developing high-tech nanotechnology series products. Our company’s goal is to integrate the latest technology with business and civil use and is committed to protecting the environment and benefiting society. - XSNano NDA (Nano Diesel Additive) is the best diesel fuel additive we have seen and also gives diesel power and reduces carbon build up and NOx gas emissions.


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