Luke Freeman

Luke Freeman

Sydney, New South Wales
Joined: 1 year ago


I have a passion for seeing the world become a better place and doing what I can to those ends. Currently I'm working to build a software company that helps researchers recruit participants better, faster, and cheaper.

I love to build things from the ground up. I started my first business at 8 years old, my second one at 15 and working in the team that brought Sendle from an idea to an international product was one of the most fulfilling things in my career.

At Sendle we were multi-award-winning startup and the only 100% carbon-neutral delivery company in Australia (and likely the world). We helped small business thrive by making delivery simple, reliable and affordable. I was the first marketing hire and involved in a wide range of activities from finding product market fit to growing our user base and modelling our business.

Prior to that I've worked in digital marketing at the ABC, Downstream Marketing (now Adobe), SFU, Macquarie University and as a consultant.


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