Martin Harshberger

Martin Harshberger

Tupelo, Mississippi
United States
Joined: 1 year ago


My focus is repeatable business development. To me that means creating real value within the company by providing real value to the customer and the community. Any company can find a niche and experience rapid growth for a period of time. Few companies can do it and maintain the growth and value. I help companies bridge the “innovation gap” and move away from defend and extend dated products and services.

I have a four-step process that is ongoing. It’s not a “one and done” program.

1. I start with the CEO or owner and determine what he or she wants.

• What do they want personally from the business?
o Sell it
o Transition it?
o Stay involved
• What does the business need to do to provide them the opportunity to realize their goals?

2. I them work with the CEO and management team to determine where they think they are now. My experience has taught me that where they think they are, and where they actually are, often aren’t in sync.


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