Michael Gililland

Michael Gililland

Louisville, Kentucky
United States
Joined: 2 years ago


I am an individual that enjoys challenges and is always interested in connecting with authentic people, in my professional and personal life. As a result of this truth, I have developed a philosophy that I abide by to always keep myself engaged and leveling up, which is stated below.

6 Core Values
-Always Improve and Develop
-Be Authentic and Transparent
-Inspire Others
-Nothing is Impossible
-Service is Sacred
-Think like an individual, work as a team

Michael has grown his knowledge and then applied these lessons learned to assist people around him to become more fulfilled and inspired with their careers.

Michael's core principles are creating lasting impact by engaging in significant action, change leadership, and continual improvement. Through these principles he has been able to transform several operations and teams to higher profitable levels.


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