Michael Liquori Symbeosis

Michael Liquori

Founder | Symbeosis
Oakland, California
United States
Joined: 2 years ago


Michael Liquori is a talented Founder, Consultant, Executive Coach, Board Member and cutting-edge thought leader.
He is a champion for social & environmental entrepreneurship with 30+ years’ experience in collaborative leadership affecting both business and natural ecosystems.
He has served transformational leaders and entrepreneurial training companies, governments, natural resource agencies, sustainable forestry operations, scientific organizations, environmental restoration projects and holistic health and wellness communities.
Michael is a valuable advisor for any company looking to create a dynamic and engaged workforce that is innovative, resilient and self-directed. His expertise includes collaboration, organizational design, leadership, strategy and sustainability. He has served on 17 appointed Advisory Boards and Policy Working Groups, published 33 professional papers, led 88+ collaborative multi-stakeholder projects and contributed to 223+ professional workshops.


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