Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, AI, IoT, SmartFactory, Digital Transformation and the Cloud as differentiation.

Creating opportunities for growth that will not only transform organizations but also enrich lives. Forever a student, serial entrepreneur, inveterate dreamer, value-driven realist, and socially responsible capitalist. I am lucky to be a part of progressive organizations. Come. Engage with me.

# Blockchain for manufacturing, real-estate and other industries. Smart contracts!
# Robotic Process Automation for highest productivity at the lowest cost.
# AI and Man-Machine Integration to create a cognitive business.
# Machine Learning to take robotics closer and closer to human decisions.
# IoT for total integration, the Smart Factory and the "fully aware"​ business.
# Enterprise systems, with a focus on SAP (Business transformation, not just transaction processing)
# Cloud Computing: eNlight intelligent cloud with automatic hybrid scaling


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