I have spent over 20 years as a Safety Professional in General Industry, Surface Coal mines, and currently in City government. I love being able to bring my experiences, education, and knowledge to the City for the last 3 years.

I have started my own LIMU business in 2016. I am leading a team of young Network Marketers to help get them the things they need and/or want.

I also am an avid Videographer. I have spent over 20 years developing, designing, creating and authoring videos (family videos, funeral tribute videos, mine rescue competition videos, and short safety videos). I have used Adobe Video production suite software programs to help me create these amazing videos.

I continue to research, learn, and train on teambuilding, coaching, mentoring, and other leadership topics.

I'm an extrovert by definintion and I love to be able to work with other people. Although, depening on the project I am currently working on, there are times where I choose to work alone.


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