My former experience is like a rainbow: just pick a color! B2B. B2C. Non-profit. For-profit. Small businesses. Fortune 500 companies. A lot of budget. Not any budget. Entrepreneur. Employee. Manager. Executive. That's me. The real me.

I like solving problems, company puzzles, enterprise challenges and project obstacles. I enjoy it, and I’ve solved many sales, endomarketing, branding, PR, communications (internal and external), research, innovation, fundraising, training, and marketing problems in my 25 years of experience.

And I dream. Yes. I’m a dreamer. Einstein used to say that imagination is most important than knowledge. I agree.

I’m capable of detecting insights like nobody else can. That’s how I had been able to work on my own with some companies on the FORTUNE 500 ranking (of course I’m proud of it!).

I don’t think out of the box. I live out of the box, and that’s what I will bring to your company: disruption!


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