Sabelo Stuurman Sakhi Afrika engineering

Sabelo Stuurman

Founder & CEO | Sakhi Afrika engineering
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
South Africa
Joined: 1 year ago


Salibasiwo Pty Ltd trading in Manufacturing, consulting and supply of engineering components. Offer services in material supply and services in Mechanical and Electrical engineering, maintenance of machinery, building and other supporting equipment.

List of offerings:

1. Manufacturing or Mechanical Supply and services
1.1 General engineering
1.2 Maintenance services
1.3 Manufacture and supplier of components
1.4 Lubricants
1.5 Sandblasting

2. Fabrication
3. Re-engineering
4. Supply of active and passive electrical components
5. Mechanical components: generators etc.
6. Engineering consulting:
A. Project management services or consulting.
B. Design and advise services


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