Silverio Padilla Esports Labs, Inc

Silverio Padilla

Founder & CEO | Esports Labs, Inc
Los Angeles, California
United States
Joined: 2 years ago


Silver is well connected in online gaming communities. Having helped build many esports startups and teams, he is in touch with some of the world’s best competitive gamers and teams. As the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Silver leads and manages our team to stay focused and on task with designing and building one of the most innovative, if not the most innovative, blockchain esports focused network and ecosystems to date. He is a creative strategic planner with proven ability to identify and develop key market opportunities with successful and favorable outcomes.

We are a gaming technology startup that is creating blockchain-powered products to help unite the global gaming audience and improve the lives of video game organizations.

Our goal is to push the limits and break through the boundaries with the vision to create a truly holistic and technological gaming ecosystem for the world’s 2.5 billion gamers.


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