Siobhan Pheiffer Siobhan Jozelle Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Siobhan Pheiffer

Founder & CEO | Siobhan Jozelle Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa
Joined: 2 years ago


We are a Business Coaching and Public Relations consultancy offering transformational business coaching and public relations services to organizations, corporates, entrepreneurs, startup businesses, retailers, government, public sector, private sector and professionals through one on one and workshop offerings.

We assist your business in finding your potential for higher returns and growth in all areas of your business by providing a one-on-one consultation to individuals and workshops to businesses.

Our basic offering is:

Service Delivery: Workshop training focussed on improving customer service delivery.

Customer Relations: Workshop training focusing on improving relationships between clients and organizations.

Public Relations: Management of your marketing and advertising communication.

Research: Providing a service to your business that requires research into a business concept.

Market Maturity: Providing a service to determine your business level of maturity in the market.


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