Thomas Ginn

Thomas Ginn

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States
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Life Empowered Institute was founded when Tom and Kathy recognized the need to provide individuals with more than just great information, but to teach, coach and guide individuals with a proven process. We joined forces with the Proctor Gallagher Institute as Certified Thinking Into Results Consultants, and in the process, we created our company Life Empowered Institute (LEI). We are dedicated and focused on helping individuals around the globe find greater results both personally and professionally through shifting and changing the way one looks at themselves and life. LEI programs are based on over half a century of research and the experience of some the world’s greatest thought leaders on the subjects of success, leadership, transformation and positive psychology. Life Empowered Institute is centered in providing a practical design that brings deep transformation and change to your life; not just events that motivate you.


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