I don't wait for an opportunity but I create opportunities for myself. I'm a self-drive energetic young man. if you want to give me a job don't look at my qualifications ask me what I'm capable of producing not what I studied, you can read more here http://tornicles.strikingly.com/

I work with over 8 NGOs in Zimbabwe and I'm not gonna stop there. I'm on a journey to facelift the mind of young Africans if you are willing to join me let's do it. I want to change the view that money is everything. I'm writing a book called #Money_vs_Passion. 01 October 2017 my One Billion Steps to Success show rose into life.

I have been involved with a number of youth-led initiatives around Zimbabwe. I have learned a lot about how people are trying to help the community which in the end looks down on them. I have seen the great power of passion against the power of money.

Check out www.dandaretrust.org that's my favorite child.


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