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Had 4 doors installed by Alamo Door Systems for a total of $7500. 2 out of 4 doors seemed to never work correctly from the initial install. Was told by the installer that they would need to wear in and would begin to work correctly. 6 months later they were still not correct. Service tech came and adjusted all 4 doors and fixed sub par work done on the initial install. 1 year later and the doors are still not correct. They've cancelled on appointments, showed up with no scissor lift to perform the work, when they did bring a scissor lift it broke on site and they were not able to continue servicing the doors. Customer service has been terrible and in their eyes they've already been paid in full. I wouldn't even recommend Alamo Door Systems to the neighbor next door i don't like. I would urge you to take your business elsewhere even if it costs you a little bit more. In the end it'll end up saving you money in the end and you won't be dealing with the frustrations i have had to deal with.

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7 years
James W