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This is a very dubious company where countless negative reviews and stories can be found on the internet. My own experience is just as negative. Allebedrijvenin does not differ much from most online aquisition agencies, but resembles its professional website and widgets in the first instance a bit better than the rest. But their tactics to treble people money are very cunning and are located in a dim area between what is legally permitted and what morally can really not go through the bracket. The rates for their services that I have passed over will fluctuate loosely between 300 and the 500 euros, but (at least up to and including 2013) delivered little to anything from their customers to use this. I want Call everyone with this company to go into sea, and if you have done that, immediately by registered letter. To prevent more mainly small entrepreneurs here in stages, I also ask all victims to visit their website. Whenever it is really necessary, I advise you to search their site via so that your search will not be indexed to them and we may penetrate their so-called popularity on the net in this way to a more realistic percentage. Finally, I would like to mention that I read very much and heard about victims who refused to meet the unlawful invoices and reminders and have had a lot of success with it because all-business are allegedly like to blite people. Perhaps a tip for others lies.

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8 years
David Bartenstein