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We met at Presidio Park with Alon David Photography for a photo shoot of our band members with a keyboard and guitar and the images would be used on our business cards and facebook. Although reluctantly Mr Alon agreed . On the day of the photoshoot he called and moved the appointment to an early hour ; one of our members was not able to arrive in time so we had to start the session without her after Mr Alon shouted "he was not willing to wait for the promotional price we were getting ";when looking upon our guitar added " he only does" family portraits". I reminded him our agreement but he denied ever having that conversation. I asked him to do it as a family , he went silent and angrily started shooting his camera with very few instructions to us and refusing to give any ideas on how to do the session even though my husband and I asked several times.Every time he took a picture he showed them to me with desdain while complaining that he was only getting $22 dlls from Living Social . He shouted about my chewing gum" and added with sarcasm : what, no smile? " He was determined not to put as at ease .Took five poor images of our band and we decided to stop the session”.Mr Alon seem happy we did that. Then he tried to ask me for more money for his his valuable services . When I told him he was a fraud and shouldn't promote his business with LS he blame us and went on sayin’ that “he has to protect his image”. I told him that no pictures would damage his image, only his rudeness and unprofessional attitude. He left the place and we proceeded to take pictures of our band with our Iphone. They came out pretty good.!I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND Mr Alond David Photografy to anybody.

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