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I am moving out because I feel they lack proper security. I have not seen any cameras or security staff on the property. It is well-lit, but also very open. There are no gates or assigned spaces to keep track of vehicles coming and going. On February 14th around 5:30am, I caught someone looking through my blinds in my bedroom with a camera. I called the police station since the person took off before I could get a good look. I asked at that time to change buildings. She said nothing was available, but she would speak with the property and corporate managers. Nobody from Sandcastle got back to me. I decided not to pursue. On June 2nd between 1:30 and 2am someone broke into my apartment while I was in bed. Luckily I was awake and when the intruder flashed a lite in my bedroom and saw me, he or she took off running. Nothing was stolen. I called 911 as soon as I realized someone was inside. The police took 10 minutes to arrive. They looked around the building and left within 30 minutes. Later in the morning I went to the office. The property manager would not see me. The woman I did speak to was very defensive of the complex. I do think better security could have an impact on deterring future violations of privacy on the premises. I hope this review is helpful to current residents as well as future residents when making a decision about living at Sandcastle apartments. I also hope anyone who has been in a similar situation will speak up, so more will be done to keep people safe at the apartment.

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