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The facility is nice and generally clean but the staff leaves a bit to be desired. I really wish they'd require an orientation for members to explain what proper gym etiquette is. I've walked up to use a piece of equipment when there's no one within 10 feet and as soon as I sit down, some guy comes running up and says "I'm using this!" Guys use the benches for the low row machines for doing free weights, and when I asked someone to move to the free weight section so I could use the machine, he told me to go use something else. The worst was when I saw a guy in the free weight section put his finger to his nose and blow snot onto the floor. First one side, then the other. I saw the stuff fly out. Disgusting. No one knows or respects the concept of allowing someone else to "work in" and have no qualms about sitting on a machine and texting or taking video of themselves. On one occasion I observed the guy from the front desk taking pictures of a member posing on the leg press for what seemed like forever, while I was waiting to use it.
Be careful about paying with a card, as they charged my card for someone else's monthly fee and then expected me to jump through hoops contacting the bank instead of admitting their mistake. NO ONE ever apologized for misusing my card or for the trouble. I moved to another hood so it's moot and maybe other locations are more together but it was good and cheap and never very crowded so that's a plus!

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