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Very nice man when you can finally get in touch with him! The first time I called his office he returned my call within 5 min. After he took our case, never would return calls and after taking money, via his secretary, he called one time the day before court and told me court was cancelled that he would call me the next day. Never got a phone call nor an email. I received a dismissal letter from the courts. Kept trying to call him and email him finally a week later when my husband decided to call every hour on the hour, Mr. Bocott sent me an email stating that he was leaving town and did not have time to work on my case therefore I should find different council. He took money from an already struggling family, gave us false hope and was not even man enough to pick up the phone! Good luck to any who trust in this lawyer! ......... Very upsett and hurt mother!

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8 years
Mad Mother