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Unfortunately my child's stay at the Dallas location was short due to a situation that was less than optimal. I had no direct issues with management; however a one of her teachers physically and verbally abused my child-which I saw with my own eyes. No apology was ever given from that teacher who is still employed there and she even verbalized that "she had dealt with a lot from me". I guess expecting one to do the job they were hired to do is too much to ask these days. Because of the company's confidentiality policy, no update is available. It's rather sad that our systems are so twisted that a person who has abused a child can still be allowed to care for children. If you choose to utilize this daycare just know that a police report was filed by me and it was reported to the state; however, no violations were found (according to the state's website). I'm happy where she is now, but I would be less of a parent to not try to educate other parents in their decision for their child's care. I'm sure the "care giver" will walk a fine line, but listen to your children. If they are suddenly crying when they are being left it is probably for a reason.

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8 years
Nicole W.