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Unfortunately, this Church over the years has been increasingly hostile towards its members. The Pastor, William Hatfield has expressed disparaging comments from the pulpit and has revealed private and personal information of the former members and their families. At its healthiest, this church had approximately 350 faithful members, but through poor judgment and decision making by the Pastor now has only about 6 current members. At a point in time, this church owned a large property with no debt at the corner of 15th & 73rd E. Ave in Tulsa. The Pastor, taking no advice from anyone else in the church decided to sell the property and build a new building on 21st St. near the old Eastland Mall property. During this transition, the Pastor became both mentally abusive and at points physically abusive to the members of the church, causing them to leave the church. After a few years in the newly constructed building, the church could no longer afford the mortgage on the property and was forced to sell.

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