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At the time of responding for the guarantees and the Alkosto customer service seeks unlikely excuses to evade responsibility in a return of the client by dissatisfaction or defect. Buy a Lenovo tablet with 2 gigs in RAM. The Tablet too slow for a team with those characteristics. I take it to the alkostor of the race 68 in Bogotá and a supposed expert, after searching and searching, he found a tiny stripe almost imperceptible for anyone on the screen and with that he denied the warranty by dissatisfaction. Total. Consumer guarantees in Colombia are flagrantly violated by stores that when selling a guarantee that are not willing to comply. Then the best thing is not to buy in Alkosto, nor in General Colombia where consumer rights CSON literally shit. Better to buy via internet in the United States where they give you 90 days of guarantee and fulfill you without shaping your hair and treating you like a real idiot.

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7 years
ricardo quiroga