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Misleading management practices are rampant. For example, employees of Dipont appear to be solely employees of the host schools, which are state schools. This brings up the issue of being employed by two entities while in China.Also, the organizations' hierarchies, as presented in the employee contract, does not function as presented. The hierarchy states that certain positions are appointed by either Dipont or the school, whereas, in reality staff members appointed by school are most likely solely employees of the school after all. The reasons for the confusion within official paperwork needs to be addressed.Lastly, it arguable does not have a functional HR department. This, of course, highlights the issue related to one's employment status in relation to the school vs. Dipont. If one is solely the employee of the school, what are the reasons for issues to be addressed by the HR department within Dipont? Comparing statements by Dipont's management team will highlight several contradictions. The employment contract will confirm these concerns.There's the issue of Foreign Expert Certificates not being released to the Foreign Experts, i.e. teachers. This is not addressed either, however, a Foreign Expert needs to have this certificate in his/her possession as stated by PRC laws.Working for this organization serves as good practice for aligning one's true values with one's perceived valued. Attempts to find out more information on issues are often met with silence, hostility, and retaliation.

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Dipont Education Management Group - Review