Diversicare Healthcare Services Inc.

Sandown, New Hampshire
United States

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My mentally disabled elderly aunt lives in a recently purchased Diversicare assissted living facility in Mansfield, Ohio. Since Diversicare's takeover, things have gone from great to terrible/unfriendly/costly. My aunt has been in the ER twice in the past 30 days because of dehydration from a flu that went unreported to family for 1 1/2 weeks. My aunt has had further issues and is once again in the hospital for dehydration. The "new" Diversicare-rules are pushing more and more on the family (Diversicare nets $7863.00/month--what does my aunt's money pay for?). We are expected to transport to doctor's appointments, from the hospital, etc. Thursday, I recieved a Diversicare letter telling me that she will have to pay $5.00 per trip UNDER 10 miles (all the shopping and doctors/medical are within reach) and $3.00 per tray of food brought to an ill resident's room. My aunt has only $30.00 left a month after paying her bills and the cable service, which Diversicare won't provide like other facilities in our area do.
Phone calls and problems are swept under the rug.

The last time my aunt arrived at the ER the nurses had to clean the poop off her feet and her backside has a nasty rash.

I will be moving my aunt nor recommending ANY Diversicare facilities.

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