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Dana Tate of Feels Like Today Photography photographed my wedding in 2013. Her photography was good overall, and she even gifted us our engagement shoot for free. However, Dana’s follow-up after the wedding was problematic. For example, her initial gallery included several portraits of groomsmen with their eyes closed. The negative rating I’ve given her reflects that follow-up, but it also reflects: 1.) the terrible performance of her videographer and former business partner, Joey Goldsmith of Something, Something Video LLC, and 2.) Dana’s response to our dissatisfaction with Joey’s work. Dana had connected us with Joey because they were starting a photo-video partnership, and they gave us a discount for adding his services to hers. Unfortunately, Joey’s final video was awful: the camerawork was shaky, Joey and his assistant were sighing and giggling during the ceremony, the white balance was way off, and critical footage was missing. When we told Dana of our dissatisfaction, she suggested that we talk to Joey since videography was not her specialty. Moreover, she claimed that she had only "recommended" Joey, that we had booked Joey through his company, and that she had no real record of our agreement with him, even though Dana had directly managed *all* of our initial contact with Joey and had even vetted his contract before we saw it. She had also said she was placing a copy of our signed contract with Joey in her files. All of these details are documented in emails we exchanged with Dana before the wedding. Joey admitted his poor work and refunded us 2/3’s of our money; the final 1/3 he retained for a 3-minute highlights video he had produced for us. Incredibly, he also informed us that he had decided *before* our wedding to leave the wedding video business entirely. After receiving our refund from Joey, we learned from Dana that she had known of Joey’s decision to leave the wedding video business *before our wedding* but she had never told us.

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