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I had a TERRIBLE experience with this finance company! They approved my car loan and I drove my new vehicle home only to have this company back out of agreement!! Simply over a misunderstanding on their part. My bad experience began when I received a "welcome call" from this finance company two days after securing loan and when asked who would be "primary driver" I answered my daughter who lives with me and is also on the auto insurance plan. They immediately showed concern over this even though I explained that I don't like to drive being that I am 65 years of age and have Rheumatoid arthritis. I explained that I am taking ownership of car but she is the one who always drives me to appointments and errands. I clearly stated that she lived with me and was on auto insurance policy but they accused me of making a "straw purchase" which I didn't have a clue was until I googled it later that day. Basically, they accused me of financing a car for my daughter which was untrue. Because of this, they backed out of loan agreement and tarnished my credit score too! Thank goodness for the car dealership for coming to the rescue to find another lender. Avoid this lender because they go out of their way to find anything to deny you on...even unfactual claims!! Flagship Credit Acceptance is a very unethical finance company!!

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