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In September I took my second trip with Gate 1. Oh man... I cannot recommend this travel company enough!

Last year, I went to Turkey via the Turkish Treasures trip. My fiance and I enjoyed it so much we had to go again with this company.

This year I went to Ecuador via the Ecuador Amazon Adventure. This trip, just like the last, had an amazing tour guide. Jose was passionate about his country and made me extra excited to be on the trip. We saw beautiful natural sights like waterfalls, Amazonian rainforest, MIndo Cloud forest, etc. And I also liked the adventurous elements mixed in. We had 30/40-somethings as well as 70/80 year old people on our trip and Gate 1 found ways to make the adventure comfortable for all!! Like alternative hiking trails for those who don't want to push too too hard. The greatest parts were the activities set up for us that we absolutely would NOT be able to do if we set up the trip for ourselves without Gate 1. Examples are having a delicious homemade lunch served to us by a local artist in her beautiful home full of art and antiques; and a visit to a Quechua village in the middle of the rainforest.

The most unexpected part of the Ecuador trip was the fantastic group of fellow travelers we had. I am quite the introvert, but my fiance and I found really great conversations with our new companions, and nightly game of cards next to the fireplace in our haciendas and cabins.

There are a few things I will never understand about Gate 1 -- How do they keep it so cheap?! We always manage to stay at beautiful hotels (varying between city chic hotels and beautiful rustic cabins on the lake). And when I look at the ACTUAL hotel rates online, I cannot understand how Gate 1 gets the rooms for so CHEAP!! They must have fantastic negotiators who promise BULK groups.

Anyway, do it. Book a Gate 1 trip.

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