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Having lived in cold weather most of my life, I feel that ice cream is a great finisher to any meal, any time of the year. Even last night when it dropped to 50F and my now Texas acclimated bones were shivering.

I gave Gelazzi a try a few weeks ago and was amazed at how delicious the fruit based gelato was. They have a section of the freezer devoted to milk free items and I have found some of my favorite flavors among them. Blueberry and grapefruit are the best I have had there, primarily because they are flavors that you don't find anywhere else. As Willie Wonka said, "the blueberries actually taste like blueberries!" -and it really does! It has the flavor of frozen blueberries, but whatever they do to it gives it a finer, creamier texture that puts it on a much higher level than your average cold stone.

As one who typically enjoys a ruby red grapefruit, I was obviously tempted by the grapefruit sorbet. Most people dislike grapefruit because it has a strong bitterness, but I kinda like it. When I had my free sample I was braced for a strong bitterness, and I was knocked off my feet. It was mild and delicious. The first taste on the tip of your tongue is sweet and refreshing. As it sits on your tongue, the flavors develop a more grapefruity aspect and finish with the most pleasant and fleeting bitterness I have ever tasted.

At $3 for a scoop and $1 for additional scoops, Gelazzi is a great value for the quality and enjoyment I get from their gelato. They are a must try for anyone in the Heights area and perhaps one day the snozberries will actually taste like snozberries.

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