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Since I arrived at Hazelwood School District, I was bullied, lied on, harassed, and had personal business spread throughout my building. Substitute teachers were allowed to enter the building and disrespect teachers and without any consequences given to them.

One particular administrator I worked under informed parents of business that was not related to the issues at hand. People were stabbing me in the back daily for seven years.

There was NO consequences for these peoples actions, but I was singled out due to vicious and untruthful rumors and gossip. There was NO support from these two of the administrators, who called and emailed the head office and informed them of EVERYTHING I had done (late for work, non signing of documents, I did not put my name on a committee)..

Custodians and security officers were allowed to tell visitors and anyone else who entered the building about irrelevant past events that had nothing to do with education of the teaching of the middle school students they were assigned to teach and watch over.

The abuse given to me was HORRIBLE!! There was no justified reason for any of them to treat me that way when there were teachers who did not teach, abuse students, and other things.

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7 years
Pissed Off!!!