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I bought a year subscription to Ikinema's WebAnimate. The files it exported were not compatible with the software I was using on a job so I cancelled my autopayment on PayPal. I figured I still have the one year I paid for. A month later I ran the program and discovered I was unable to export my work. I tried on the downloadable version and I was also unable to export my work. I got the message that downloading was only available for some sort of gaming version that doesn't exist. When I looked up my account in large letters it read 'Subscription cancelled'.

To make a long story short they took my money for a year's subscription and just because I changed my PayPal settings so they could not auto-charge me a year later they banned me from using my year long subscription. I'm pretty sure this is criminal activity.

It turns out their licensing is something only Satan could have written. You can only officially cancel by writing them an email with an essay on why you are cancelling and then they reserve the right to ban you for life for daring to cancel. You must be their client until you die or they will prevent you from ever using their products again.

This is unimaginably ridiculous and whoever designed such a system does not deserve your business. Unfortunately the people that are in charge of such things have nothing to do with the coders that make the product, but nonetheless I recommend you find an alternative to this Stalinesque licensing scam.

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7 years
Jan Scott