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Kathy is very rude. I was warned about this property management the day I moved in to my rental property, from my neighbors of all people. The garage door was broken when I moved in. My grandson almost got hit because the sensors where not working, but that wasn't the only problem. Every time we open or closed the garage it was like it was catching somewhere. But the guy sent out from the garage door repair unplugged the electric garage door opener and called it good. Even Kathy's co owner said it was broken when we called her to have it looked at/repair. I have several witness to all this. Went to open my garage door and it came apart. Leaving the door broken at the hidges that connect to the garage. I was told its my fault and I broke this. That's bs. Read the other reviews. They are right. This company is out for them selves and I can't wait to get ahold of the owner. Even the HOA wantsto get a hold of the owners.I will not pay for a door that was already broken. My son and I love this house. But these people are trying to find excuses to get me out. I am disabled with a mentally challenge son. This lady is ruthless.According to my neighbors the lady that lived her before had nothing but problems with them too. Whom I am going to contact tomorrow. So renters, owners find a better property management cuz this one is worthless. They want thier own pockets filled. Not what's best for your home.

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8 years
Christy VanLeuven