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This company is untrustworthy, dishonest and abusive all the way to the vice-president, who sends threatening letters to people. He got in trouble for using the US mail to communicate threats and has been banned from visiting the property of his victim. Jacob Holm Industries can not be trusted. The maintenance manager is untruthful, slandering, arrogant, bullying, self-centered and only does what benefits him. He is known for making false accusations and threatening people who disprove them. He isn’t man enough to harass people by himself, so he gets someone else to help gang up on his victim with him. Jacob Holm Industries can not survive with that kind of cowardly malice and dishonesty. The facility itself is dangerous and unsanitary by design. Management forces employees to rush through work which sacrifices quality and results in injuries. They get a perverse pleasure out of harassing innocent people. Workplace bullying is rampant.

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